This blog started in June 2012 as a way to document my transition from a newlywed lawyer living the South Beach dream to an Americorps service member teaching elementary school children how to read in Small Town, Minnesota.  That initial transition meant no more law, no more beach and no more marathon training runs down Lincoln Road at 6 am (being the {self-proclaimed} celebrated handstand artist that I am, I could at least take that bag of tricks with me).

My life went from this:

South Beach living, Florida    South beach, Florida    South beach living at sunset, Florida

To this:

     Biking the open road in summer, Minnesota.    Horseback riding in Grand Marais, Minnesota    Harbor in Grand Marais, Minnesota

After one year in Minnesota, it all changed again.  On September, 1 2013, my wife and I rolled into Bangor, Maine after yet another multi-state road trip and it’s where we call home.  In the past year and a half we bought our first house, a second car, had a baby and tried a lobster roll or whoopie pie wherever we encountered one.

Through my travels I’ve come to understand that I don’t need a lot of options if the one option I do have is good.  I’ve learned that Acadia National Park is quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth.  And I’ve come to appreciate the live and let live mentality of Mainers that can make them private yet privately helpful people (e.g. the neighbors who don’t say hello but who will spontaneously upright your mailbox when it falls over after getting hit one too many times by a snow plow).

There is so much to share with you about Maine, so let’s get started.

Switching states … not just a lesson in geography.


Here are a few links to some oldies but goodies – favorite Midwestern observations and adventures:

Sometimes the differences between Florida and Maine are hard to see…

The beach life, Florida living.

Ogunquit Beach Maine

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