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Now that the weather is warmer and more *friendly* I’ve been spending a lot of time out of the house.  My favorite thing to do lately is drive to downtown Bangor and wander the streets, checking out the window displays in one unique store after another.

The air is so fresh.  It has that characteristic Maine pine tree smell with a mineral undercurrent of freshly-melted snow and wet, fertile moss.  The nights are still chilled but the warmth of the sun allows you to shed layers of clothing like a lizard shedding old skin.

Spring feels like that here – a shedding of stale breath and angsty energy from being cooped up for days.  There’s a lightness and anticipation in the air that gets me oh-so-ready for the thrill of hiking in Acadia National Park or exploring a new (to me) seaside town.  Hell, even the mini-golf courses are getting spruced up for the influx of summer visitors.

The businesses of Bangor adopt flower beds along the streets downtown and I’m curious to see what flowers and painted rocks will be flourishing this year.  I promise to share a few photos of them here.

And… here are a few photos from last year’s spring in Ogunquit, Maine to get you excited.