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The weather this week has been so fantastic that we took a spontaneous trip to Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island.  The drive was fantastic – seeing all the newly uncovered brown grass and impromptu rivers of melting snow snake along the roadside left me feeling optimistic that I would soon be spending my days in flip flops and shorts.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the wind was fairly mellow.  (The strong Maine wind can make even warm days feel cool).  Our main goal was to walk along the Shore Path trail that hugs the waterline from downtown Bar Harbor around the south-eastern side of the island.  There was some discussion on whether the snow would be gone from the trail and I am happy to report that for the most part, we were able to maneuver the stroller over any stubborn remnants of ice.

We also had a really nice lunch at the Side Street Cafe, a year round establishment that is very friendly and welcoming to winter survivors.  I had the fresh haddock tacos and JG had the haddock sandwich.  They were both tasty but I liked the freshness of her sandwich better over the slightly sweet tacos.  Unfortunately, MDI ice cream wasn’t open yet…all the more reason to come back!