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Apparently, we are in the middle of one of the snowiest winters on record in Maine. After a relatively cold but snowless start, winter has roared back and dumped foot after foot of the white stuff on us. And I can’t say that I mind.

Softly falling snow is a beautiful thing to witness. The big, fat white flakes that tumble down from the sky are often met with a wind that kicks them around in erratic circles for a few turns before allowing them to deposit on every bare surface. And it’s immensely quiet. The snow has a way of muffling sound so that you feel like everyone and everything around you is asleep. Sometimes, when the snowfall is heavy enough, it sounds a bit like what I imagine a soft rain in a topical forest would sound like, a soft yet rapid pat, pat pat-pat-pat.

For a Florida girl, I’m finding that I really like the snow. And since I’m living in Maine, I may as well enjoy Maine-type things. We are surrounded by winter outdoor opportunities – there are a ton of snow mobile/cross country ski trails near our home and a small mountain nearby where you can ski, snowboard and sled. There are cross-country ski trails across the local golf courses and a myriad of other things you can do in the snow.

So far I’ve managed to go snowshoeing a few times, one of them being during a recent blizzard, and this required a few specialized items. One is a face buff thing, which is basically a turtleneck sweater minus the sweater. It goes over your face and neck and stops just below your eyes where the bottom of your ski goggles is supposed to start. Well, it’s ridiculous how many times I had to keep pulling the buff material back up over my nose and cheeks but then my goggles would fog up from the hot air that escaped from the top of the buff. I had to choose between saving my cheeks from being wind-burnt or not freezing my eyeballs in their sockets. (I choose my cheeks, in case you were wondering). With my mom’s visit this week, I am hoping to get back on the trails for more snowshoeing and to finally try out skiing that small mountain near my new home. And maybe even throw some cross-country skiing in there, a sport reminiscent of 1980’s infomercials for living room exercise equipment. Seems like more fun to take the action outdoors…