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This post is a long time coming.  It’s been over a year and a half since I last solidified my life’s observations into type face and predictably, a lot has changed.  What began as a space where I could document a huge life transition from an employed, newlywed lawyer living on South Beach to a full-time Americorps volunteer huddled down in snowy Minnesota turned into a creative outlet that inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and pay more attention to my surroundings.  And, coincidentally, it became a way for my family to get a little closer from so far away (because let’s face it, no one from Florida wants to come visit you in Minnesota).

It’s not often in life that you get to make big changes all at once, and in the first few months of starting this blog, I was able to check off the categories of “marriage, unemployment, moving, and new job” on the chart of major causes of life stress.  JG and I handled it well and made short work of setting up shop in MN even though we knew it would be temporary.  When I look back on all the postings I made here during our year in MN, I am proud that I took the time to actually document what I was experiencing, as anything novel inevitably fades into the background of every day life.

During our time in Minnesota, we started the process of having a family.  There were a few setbacks and timing became ever more important as we were set to leave MN at the end of the Summer 2013.  So with even more changes looming, we said, “Au Revoir” to planning and obligations and we left for France for 3 weeks.  We started our trip along the Mediterranean Sea, in Juan Les Pins, and wound our way through the country by car, from South to North.  We passed through Lyon, Annecy and Beaujolais country before continuing onto Beaune and finally, Paris.  It was hands down the best trip either of us had ever taken and it calmed some big energies and paved the way for yet another huge life transition.

When we returned to the States, we packed up our small apartment, threw our cat in the car and set off for a state that’s even farther away from Florida.  Because…why not?!  (On a side note, our original journey from Florida to Minnesota took us from the southernmost state to the northernmost state.  And the next leg of our adventure has brought us to Maine, the easternmost state.  We actually live 55 miles farther away from Florida now than we did when we lived in Minnesota, despite rejoining the eastern time zone).

We’ve been in Maine now for a year and a half and in that time we’ve started new jobs, bought a house and a car and moved from a little “big” city to an even smaller town.  Though the biggest change by far came in late September of 2014 when we added a baby boy into the mix!  While it’s a long time overdue, I think it would be fun to update this blog to document some of the differences I’ve come across living in Maine versus anywhere else I have ever called home.  It may take me awhile to add new things and to update things up on this site in general, mainly because being a new mom is completely time consuming, but I’m more than ready for the creative outlet.  So stay tuned!