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It’s Day 26 of the Nanowrimo writing challenge and I’ve continued to work on my story even though I reached my 25,000 word goal a few days ago.  To date, I’m up to 29,394 words after writing a few more tense law scenes and a flirty happy hour scene.  I am going to make it to 30k tonight and then I will have to wrap things up because tomorrow, JG and I leave for France!  We are spending 18 days traveling between Paris, the French Alps, wine country and the Riviera.  It is both a belated honeymoon and a celebration of the end of JG’s year-long fellowship.  Bring on the champagne and pain au chocolats!

We are both notorious for waiting until the last minute to pack for a trip and then we end up running around half crazed, barking last minute orders at each other.  So this time, I am very proud to say, we started laying out our things on Tuesday.  Clothes, toiletries, shoes, personal items, they were all carefully folded and placed on clean countertops and tables.  Then I spent the rest of the week running errands for the little extras that we didn’t have – travel toothbrush and toothpaste, small packets of anti-inflammatories, bandaids, etc. and I cleaned for our house guest/resident kitty watcher.

In preparation for the hop across the pond, I also picked up a few travel guides – France in general and Paris in particular – as well as a three-pack of gorgeous notebooks adorned with photos from around Paris and famous French sayings.  I’m not bringing my computer and will not have Internet access for most of the trip so the notebooks will be the best way to record my observations and experiences.  Then when I am back, I will compile them into a few blog posts and add some of our favorite trip photos.

Neither JG nor I speak the language but we’ve downloaded some French apps onto her iPad (very millennial generation of us) and a friend has been teaching us the basics – numbers for ordering croissants, how to order wine (both red and white) and how to ask for the location of the bathroom.  Thanks Ashley!

Alright, I’m off to finish packing.  Keep it cool kids and see you in late August.  Au revoir!

This is a very cute photo.  However, I suspect that JG and I will be anything but sad as we eat our pain au chocolat at a sidewalk cafe and watch the fashionable Parisians stream by.

The Sadness of Pain Au Chocolat