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Status update:  I am 83% done with the Nanowrimo July writing challenge.  Official word count = 20,855.  That means only 4,145 more to go!  I’m hoping to clear that by the end of Tuesday, which is reasonable considering I am averaging about 1,250 words a day.

My writing is, well, it’s going.  I’m still enjoying the process and I am especially enjoying watching the arrow travel closer and closer to the bulls eye for 100% goal realization.  I have moments of clarity where I get out of my own way and just type away for an hour or so, letting the words flow from some place other than my direct consciousness.  It’s an incredible feeling, that wave of productivity where I don’t have to struggle for every word, every letter.  Perhaps if I keep writing, the periods of the creativity and flow will stretch out and encompass more and more time and I can reach a new ground with my writing.

Since school is out for the summer and I am left thinking about the next step professionally, this daily writing ritual has helped provide structure and order to an otherwise free flowing day.  I am a person who needs at least a bare bones outline of how they are going to spend their day so that I have a chance of feeling accomplished and don’t feel like I’m wasting this gift of overwhelming free time.  You know how you can fill your time with as many, or as few, things as you have before you?  Well, I don’t have too many things before me these days and the time can pass more quickly than I like if I don’t have a goal or two.  This writing challenge has been the perfect thing to focus on for the month (that and going through the recipes on this amazing site).  It has kept me from thinking about writing and pushed me to get off my ass and actually write.  Incredible.

Here’s the quote again that is inspiring me so much with the Nanowrimo challenge:

Ira Glass quote, Necessary Inspiration