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I’m posting a status update for the 19th day of the Nanowrimo July Writing Challenge.  It’s still early in the day (heck, I haven’t even had breakfast yet) but my official, yes official, word count is . . . drum roll please . . . 17,950 words!

That means I am 7,050 words away from my goal of 25,000 words.  I am hoping to reach that magical 25,000 mark and then keep going because the rest of my cabin mates in this writing challenge have goals of 50,000 words and I’ll feel a little wimpy jumping up and down blabbing about reaching my 25,000 word goal when that’s only the half way point for them.  Then again, I initially lowered my goal to 25,000 for the very reason that has come in handy already so many times this challenge – so that mentally, I felt like my goal was attainable.

I’m still managing to write daily and for the most part, I get excited about it.  I think my excitement stems more from the fact that I am spending a portion of my day creating something, rather than the thought that I am creating something awesome.  That, and the feeling of accomplishment.  I am creating an open door in a sense, a pathway from my imagination to the pen.  If nothing else, I am training myself to be more open to inspiration and to grab that inspiration when it comes.  I suppose there is some discipline involved here, in sitting down to write every day even though I feel like my story is meh and my dialog is no more interesting than two leaves interacting in wet cement.  But for the most part, I hope that the daily practice will help my writing catch up to my aspirations.

And that my work will be as good as my ambitions.

This Ira Glass quote sums up my feelings/hopes pretty perfectly:

Ira Glass quote, Necessary Inspiration