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I sold my car back to Toyota yesterday.  After seven years, eight months, one week and five days (but who’s counting?), I drove my little blue Scion TC for the last time.  I shifted down the highway to the tunes of Led Zeppelin and thought about every single one of the 123,978 miles I had pounded out with Giselle.  I named my car Giselle for her smooth lines and sexy curves ; ).

Sure there were a few mishaps here and there, like the time she puttered out on I-95 during morning rush hour, locking down the power steering and forcing me to complete a highly technical move across three lanes of traffic to the emergency lane.  Or the time she shut down for no apparent reason outside the entrance to my law school, taking me from being a fashionable five minutes late to a don’t-even-bother three hours late.  Maybe it was payback for the time I parked her in midtown Miami overnight where she had her window broken and was stolen from.  Overall though, we have had a very peaceful, moving relationship.  As a parting gesture to Giselle, I took her to a car spa and she got a wash and wax.  I think she appreciated that.

At the dealership, it was all over so quickly.  I signed the title, handed over the keys and that was that.  JG took a few pictures of me holding the title and posing all around the car that, after almost 8 years, was no longer mine.  For now, JG and I fancy that we can be a single car household.  We talk about all the money we will save not having to cover car insurance payments, maintenance and gas for two cars.  We will see how long this can last.