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Not much to report today on the Nanowrimo front.  I spent most of the day celebrating the 4th of July holiday with family, which was a welcome reprieve from staring at a computer screen all day.  I did manage a bit of writing after my morning run, but my eyes started to cross so I put everything aside and just picked it back up again tonight.

I jotted down a measly 459 words today, bringing my total count to 5,527.  My writing today was no where near what I had managed to pull out on the first three days of this challenge, but I am content to have just written anything today.  That’s going to be a major key during this whole challenge – to get down something even when I don’t feel like writing and hope that the tide will turn and the flow will pick up.  Bottom line is that I’m carving away at my 25,000 word goal, albeit slowly.  And hopefully, tomorrow will bring a pick ax instead of a butter knife.