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I sat down in the corner of the bedroom at my aunt’s house this morning and opened my laptop.  And . . . nothing.  Already I was tired with my storyline, tired with what I had written, and tired at the idea of sifting through the words to make it all sound, well, better.  I thought it was because I had been doing more journaling/reminiscing of the past instead of creating fun, and completely fictional, subject matter.  Coughing up the past required more energy to concentrate and relay things properly and accurately.  It was, quite simply, taking up too much thought.

So, I switched my approach.  Instead of continuing to relate what felt like a winding and boringly stark narration of the shit show that was my former firm experience, I decided to tackle development of my fictional characters that excite me with their potential for hilarious dialog and late-night office mayhem.

That decision renewed my interest in my burgeoning novel and got me moving again.  And I am very happy to relay that the unofficial count at the end of my third day is 5,068 words!