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Camp NaNoWriMo has begun for the month of July!  And I am truly, honestly, and seriously going to try to complete my goal this time.  For real. Totally serious.

After hemming and hawing about doing the November 2012 Challenge and committing verbally to the idea of competing without the intention of ever giving it an honest shot, I have not only signed up for the July challenge, but I’ve actually put some words where my mouth is.  2,217 words to be exact!  It helps that July has a flexible word count and I can set my goal to anything I want.  The default goal is 50,000 words but I wanted to give myself a fighting chance to actually get some numbers in the game, so I modified my goal to 25,000 words.  Totally doable, and based on today’s numbers, I may actually get to increase my goal as the month progresses.  No one gets to write their first “novel” in a vacuum.  So now’s the time to stop waiting for the perfect writing situation to present itself and just get to work!

Wish me luck, I’m going to need all the inspiration I can get.

National Novel Writing Month, July

National Novel Writing Month, July