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I arrived at work bright and early on this mild and snowy Valentine’s Day, ready to hand out my V-day dum-dum lollipops and miniature skittle packs (V-day is all about candy, not love, dontcha know?!)  I dropped my bags off in the reading room and logged onto the computer as usual.  Then my ears recognized a familiar sound rising above the steady hum of children arriving for the day’s lessons – the drum class that meets before school was pounding out a steady rhythm on their drums of varying sizes.  The song they were so enthusiastically banging along to took me back to my days of dancing around the house with my dad, listening to classic rock.  My dad was my main exposure to great music back then and my childhood could be charted according to the years we listened to Bob Marley, the years of Zeppelin, the years of Stan Getz, and so on.

So I walked up to the open music room door and peered my head in, giving the teacher a big thumbs up.  What song do you think the teacher had chosen for today’s lesson?  *In The Sunshine of Your Love* by Cream, of course!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!