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JG and I just got back from the historic state of Massachusetts. If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts, we have been flying all over the country for her job interviews (start date would be about Oct 2013). The lucky off-shoot of this situation has been my accompaniment on these adventures. I’ve set foot in 3 new states in the past 6 days alone – North Dakota, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

My role in these ventures is to talk pretty during the dinner interviews – be polite and articulate, enthusiastic and interested, all while wearing a kick ass dress and heels. I am basically arm candy. The “other half”. The one who also needs to be impressed so that I can push my spouse into taking a certain job in a certain state. Needless to say, it is an interesting position to be in.

In each location, I research the area, visit the local coffee shops & bakeries and try to go for a run down the “city” streets. I go to ground level and gather intel, if you will, especially on the things that can only be ascertained through a physical experience of the surrounding area. JG tackles the actual job situation. I tackle the living situation.

Right now there is no front-runner and we have yet to feel a, “this is it, we have to live here,” type reaction. But, we have been presented with some fantastic opportunities. One position offers a terrific practice opportunity for JG but not much else by way of culture, dining and entertainment. Another position offers an incredible exposure to education and cultural events as well as all the exotic food options that we know and love. However, the actual job details are uncertain. Yet another opportunity offers an unparalleled proximity to family and friends but promises a more difficult existence eeking out a living in an already saturated market.

We know that there is no perfect situation and that we have to weigh the pros and cons for each position to find the one that’s best for us (an entire spiral notebook is currently devoted to that task).  Our conversations are littered with references to Mass vs FL vs MN and our domestic interactions are road maps of +’s and -‘s.  At the end of the day, this decision is a big one. But Big doesn’t necessarily = Permanent.  So until the decision is made, I will go on being the best darn arm candy I can be.

Some pics from our weekend in Mass: