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I took a trip to Target last night in preparation for my friends coming to town this weekend.  I needed last minute essentials for them like hand soap and toothpaste.  Beer, wine and caramel vodka for spiced hot apple cider were obtained earlier in the day.  I still get thrown off by the fact that buying alcohol requires an extra trip to the store.  Minnesota does not sell beer or wine at the grocery, only specialty shops.  Wisconsin, on the other hand, takes a different view of the whole imbibing-alcohol thing.  Drive up to any neighborhood gas station and you can find vodka right next to the motor oil.

Anyways, back to Target.  Being from the south, I haven’t needed to give much thought to cold weather before.  Thus, my knowledge of potentially fun winter activities is pretty limited.  I know you can ski and do something called snow shoeing, which is just walking around with big disks on your feet, am I right?  You can make snowmen, snow angles and maybe do some sledding on a trash can lid, but really, up til this year, those things only existed on Christmas cards and in quaint Lifetime movies where grownups yell, “You’re gonna poke yer eye out with that thing”!  So imagine my delighted surprise when I came across a display in Target just screaming out all the fun things you can do with snow.  Such as make bricks out of snow so you can have a nice little igloo in your backyard, or spray paint so you can make shapes and signs in the snow.  And check out those high tech sleds!  Now all we need is snow.