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Saturday morning dawned overcast and crisp, with temps in the low 40s. JG and I sequestered ourselves for the first part of the day, taking our time making breakfast, updating fantasy football picks and planning our upcoming trip to Chicago. By late afternoon, some fresh air was in order so we slapped on some running pants and layered long sleeved shirts with jackets. (And my favorite – flannel ear wraps that we wear like a headband. I HATE having cold ears and the headband makes me feel like a real badass, braving the cold).

I headed out for what I thought would be about a 5 mile run, but….I just couldn’t stop. I wasn’t tired and my legs felt like electric pistons that needed to be drained before they could be put away.  So I kept going. And going. And going.  I headed out east from downtown and turned north, covering new ground along the river that had been enticing me for weeks.

I spotted a lone hot air balloon gliding though the gray skies and I found a different perspective of the local underpinnings of industry; namely, the dairy and utility plant. I ran for an hour and forty minutes. And I loved every minute of it.