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Uh…what’s this…winter or something?  My brain was so confused.  Last Friday at 7:54 am I walked outside my apartment to find my perky little car shivering under a blanket of frost.

I panicked.  And all of the loopy advice I’d received in the past few months came rushing back into my brain all at once, jumbling my thoughts.  But there was one clear voice that pierced the fray and it said, “You’re not ready for this.”

I just stood there, dumbly staring at my car.  I couldn’t see through the windshield, the hatchback would barely open and the side windows were covered with a layer of frozen water which, albeit beautiful with its tiny crystalline structure, was also intimidating as shit.


Now those of you from the north, or anyone who’s experienced a real winter I suppose, might think that I am a silly girl from Florida.  And you’d be right.  My previous winter experiences all consisted of me wearing a long sleeved shirt with my flipflops and less sunscreen (sorry Greg).  I don’t know the smallest thing about snow and boots and layering.

So I did the first “rational” thing that came to my mind – I grabbed some paper towels from my trunk and started wiping at my windshield in my $5 mittens from Old Navy.  Notice I said “at”.  My broad, sweeping strokes were futile and my paper towel glided uselessly over the collected ice.  So then I tried using my nails and scratching at the ice to make it go away.  Then I got in my car and turned on the defroster.


I certainly cannot be going through this when it’s below zero out.  I’ll turn into a giant, multi-layered popsicle.  So I’m taking advice on what to do.  What kind of ice scraper do you recommend?  Any particular brand or features I should look for?  Help!

Frosty winter, I’m not ready for you!