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Here are a few cute moments from tutoring this week: I was reading with Kate, a 3rd grader, about Mexican jumping beans. We learned about how the beans are actually seeds that have a small moth inside that eats the seed for food and causes it to “jump” in the process. (Strange, huh? Here’s more info on them). Our conversation then turned from what makes something or someone Mexican to our individual ethnic backgrounds. Kate informed me that she is part Swedish. Then she leaned in close and whispered, I always thought that being Swedish meant that I was part “sweet”, and giggled.

Later I worked with Lily, a kindergartener, on letter sounds, specifically the letters “a” and “d”. She very proudly announced that her dad’s name has a lot of d’s and a’s in it so I asked her if she could spell it for me. She nodded and got to work, “D A D A D D Y.” Awesome.

And here’s a photo from outside the school’s entrance yesterday. You can just make out the cherry-like fruit in the shadow of the wall. A barrier of light warms one side and plummets the other into darkness. Not to get too dramatic, but I imagine that’s how it is if you’re not able to read. You’re out of the sunlight and left to stumble along in the shadows.