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Here are some photos from today’s bike ride.  Yes, I am proud to say that I peeled myself off the couch, put down the cookies and headed out the door.  Granted, it was 47 degrees when we left, a temperature that necessitated a serious consideration of clothing (and for 2 Florida girls, a serious commitment to ride).


After much deliberation, I ended up wearing the following: long running pants with bike shorts over top; heavy wool socks; a running top with built-in sports bra, a long-sleeved biking top with built-in hoodie that zipped over my ears and mouth; a fluffy, sleeveless vest; a windbreaker and full gloves.


I was warm.  Too warm actually!  About 3 miles in, I had to stop and take off the vest.  But luckily, REI thinks of everything and sent the vest home with a small pouch that I could pack the vest into.  I’m really stoked that we made the effort to get out there.  And it kind of served as inspiration for the thought that we can make this whole “winter thing” work by being active and getting out of the house.  Aaaaand, by putting down the cookies.

A hint of what’s to come: