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So I’m trying my hand at kickball tonight (funny choice of words, I know).  There’s a league in town and a fellow teacher at my school was recruiting more women this week so I thought, “Why not?”  I think I was about 2 feet shorter and a heck of a lot younger the last time I played kickball.  I don’t even remember the rules!  But I figure this will be a good way to meet new people and enjoy the fall air.  Back home in SoFla it’s 84 degrees and thunderstorming at this time of evening.  Invariably, any evening outdoor sporting match would be cancelled due to rain or threat of lightning.  That’s not generally a concern here in MN.  Maybe tornadoes and black ice, but not afternoon thunderstorms like clockwork.  So I figure I should enjoy the changing seasons and the chance to do something new.

I suppose I should bring beer to the game.  It would help me make friends faster, even if it makes me run slower in the process.

Some pics of the trees on my street lightening up: