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The weather forecaster just announced that we are currently having our first cold front of the season, a gift from Canada.  It is 63 degrees now, at 11:21 PM.  Tomorrow morning will give us temperatures in the 50s.  Helllllo football season!  (My dad sends me occasional emails counting down the number of days left until the Florida Gators take the field.  Go Gators!!!).  South Florida is registering in the 80s with thunderstorms.

Another FL vs MN difference besides the weather:  This morning we had breakfast at Francie’s.  Our contribution was a stop at a local bakery to pick up fresh, hot cinnamon rolls and sugar doughnut twists.  We got 8 items and JG whipped out a $20 bill to pay for it.  But…the total was a whopping $6.50!!!  Each item was an average $0.80.  Unbelievable – in Miami, each pastry would have been at least $2.50.  (Unfortunately for our waistline, we also found out that the bakery discounts their pastries at buy-1-get-1 after a certain time of day).

(We also got a little after-breakfast action – two huge hawks doing a mating fly-display-chase-repeat dance in the air around Francie’s house.  We ran from window to window excitedly calling out to each other their location.  It was a beautiful display).