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To set the stage for where we are at this point in the journey, it is necessary to recap the month of July, as last month is completely absent from this blog.  (This woman has been busy!).  I first embarked on a solo road trip to Minnesota on July 7th and busted ass, arriving in town on the evening of the 8th.  I got the keys to our new apartment the following morning and spent the next four days unpacking boxes and assembling furniture.  Then on the 13th, I flew to Vegas and met up with JG for a mini-moon.  We tore up the town – we went to two shows, played black jack and roulette up and down the strip and hung by the pool.  We then flew to Tahoe on the 16th and had a really nice, relaxing vacation with JG’s family.  (Hiking, running, and more gambling).  The morning of the 21st saw us back at the airport and flying home to Miami where we had a quick turn around before hitting the road again on the 22nd.  With a drugged-up kitty in tow, we drove for three days, landing in Minnesota last Tuesday afternoon.

I really wanted to have the apartment mostly together before I drove back up with JG so I set to work assembling furniture like a mad woman.  Considering the furniture shipment didn’t even arrive until Wednesday afternoon and I left 48 hours later, I think I did pretty well…

The desk took forever, had a ton of parts!  The bookcase required two people.  Here are some pictures of the table and chairs before assembly and the infamous high gloss red end table.

But my most favorite project by far that week was the creation of this blueberry pie, made possible through the tutelage of Mrs. FM.  …mmmm with ribbons of butter and lemon zest.  And it was delicious, you betcha!  ; )