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I’m writing this from the Public Library.  I’ve come here to put in an application to volunteer and to hopefully motivate myself to get some writing done.  Nothing like being surrounded by books, sentences, all those words to make you feel like you’re important enough to put forth some of your own.

I’ve been in town approximately one week and one day and am learning my way around.  The first few days were spent shuttling back and forth from one store to another – Target, Home Depot, various grocery stores (and their granola cousin, the co-op).  I carried car-load after car-load of stuff up two flights of stairs from parking lot to apartment in a ceaseless effort to make this apartment feel more like a home.  And by degrees, with each addition of a strategically placed tree or picture frame or mirror, the apartment has become our home.

A car garden created from a very successful trip to Home Depot.