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Today I set out to get myself organized (not the apartment for a change) and to devote some time towards setting up my interests for the next year.  The Americorps program I am volunteering with starts late August and requires me to volunteer with local organizations of my choosing.  I am a huge literacy advocate. I’ve spent most of my life immersed in books, whether for pleasure or for school and, quite frankly, books make me giddy.  So I submitted an application to volunteer at the local public library.  I’ve never heard of anyone being rejected from volunteering, at a library no less, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.  I don’t know who would benefit more from my time at the library, me or the library!

I also stopped by a local children’s museum to see about volunteering.  Upon setting foot in the museum, I was first accosted by the pure chaos of the place and then the wave of screaming and laughing children (and sometimes both at the same time, how do they do that?) roared over me.  Initial thoughts…uh…yeah right.  I was invited to walk around and tour the exhibits while I waited for the program director.  They must be used to seeing the look of utter shock upon potential volunteers’ faces when they first walk in the door so they practice a form of immersion therapy and just kind of push you into the midst of it all.  As I walked around the rooms sidestepping children, giant books and errant golf balls from the physics exhibits, I grew really excited.  The kid in me came out.  The exhibits were rad!  And the kids seemed to be really enjoying themselves.  By the time the director came over, I was sold on the place.  And the museum can now add one more Playologist to the mix!