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I’m ordering furniture online like a maniac!  It’s actually kind of thrilling!

We’ve decided to leave all of our furniture behind rather than move it to MN through a moving company or keep it in storage because our stuff just isn’t worth the thousands of dollars associated with those options.  Although I love most of our stuff (I am really going to miss that brown couch!  It took me 2 months to find a couch that I could comfortably nap on), it would cost a lot more money to try to make this move tethered to the goods.  Especially since we have to do this all over again in one year.

So instead, we are donating our things to friends and thrift stores and buying cheap items online.  I’ve spent the past 4 weeks checking out online deals and doing price comparisons.  There is an insanely large amount of options available, but I was actually pretty surprised to see how the price of the same item could vary so much between Amazon, Overstock and smaller venues.  But after being diligent and taking notes on prices, reading a ton of reviews and searching for coupons, we finally unleashed the spending power of AmEx.  Helllllllo Starwood points!

What we got: a black, fake leather couch that folds down into a bed, an 8” memory foam mattress, a simple black platform bed frame without a headboard and 1,000 threadcount sateen sheets from Overstock.

From IKEA, we picked up a coffee table and 2 side tables, a tv stand, a dining room table and 4 chairs, a 6-drawer and 4-drawer dresser (JG will get the bigger one), a 2-drawer nightstand, a small shelving unit to use as the second nightstand, a desk and a 4 square x 4 square bookcase.

It seems like a lot of stuff, but we got all of this for about half of what we would have paid to move our furniture.  Once.

And since none of the items we purchased were particularly expensive, we will have some flexibility when we move in a year.  Maybe we will be able to sell it all over again and make back our money, or maybe we will end up donating this furniture too.  But for now, it’s nice to have the chance to start over, with a fresh, clean apartment and brand new sheets.  And even though we will only be in MN for a year, it’s still nice to do it up right, with a little style (those IKEA side tables and coffee table are coming in a high gloss red).   We are newlyweds after all.