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Well this is it.  T-minus 7 days until the big move and I embark on a solo road trip from FL to MN (JG is studying for her big test so it falls upon me to make this move happen.  At least she openly acknowledges that she is abandoning me).

Our apartment is a disaster, current alert level of ¡RED!  Clothes are strewn everywhere, boxes upon boxes are stacked haphazardly.  Books, shoes and single wrapped tampons are waiting to find a home in a box marked with either “Stay” or “Go”.

It is completely overwhelming.

And completely necessary.

Not just because our lease is up and we have to move, but because we quite simply have too much stuff.  I don’t care that we are two girls and therefore are licensed to have twice as many clothes and twice as many shoes (and twice as many tampons).  It’s still just too much.

And when the moving process uncovers a “favorite” item that you haven’t noticed was  missing for the past two years, then it is time to do some serious discarding.  This morning we spent 3.5 hours in our bedroom alone, going through the closets and drawers, and we still aren’t done.  However, we are making progress and we did generate a ton of items to donate to our local thrift store, Out of the Closet, which is a far better use of our resources than trying to jam overstuffed garbage bags down our building’s trash chute (a real skill and also highly dangerous!).

“pro-gress” /prägres:
Noun: Forward or onward movement toward a destination.
Also known as: The ability to see the floor of a previously packed closet.

We are making progress.