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So…I realize that I love, love love to bake and cook.  I don’t really have a fear of tackling anything (although since I don’t eat meat, I don’t have to own up to being totally weirded out by preparing a turkey or making hamburger patties).  But I also realize that when I feel as if the day is getting away from me (or to an outsider’s perspective, if my day seems a little empty of real substance and struggle….you know, if I actually feel really happy with not having all that much to do except read Jane Austen’s amazing works outloud to myself while scarfing down something yummy), then I bake.  I bake to prove that I have done something productive during the day.  I bake so that when JG asks me what I have done all day, I can point my flour-coated finger in the direction of some great tasting masterpiece, sigh loudly, and say, “That!  That is what I have been doing today.”  And because it tastes oh-my-fucking-god good, then all further questioning is put off and I am “safe” another day.

So that’s where the granola came from.  I woke up at 9:30 AM, had a great breakfast of fresh fruit, cottage cheese and chia/hemp hearts, went to abs and butt class at 11 AM, grocery shopped at Publix and Fresh Market (I am always surprised by how arbitrary the prices are between the two places on a day to day basis.  WTF?!).  Then I made lunch (kale salad with avocado, tomato, red pepper and veggie c’ken nuggets; dessert of cherries and jasmine tea) and continued to read “Persuasion”, by Jane Austen.  I have a bunch of errands to do this afternoon, but no, I did not write more wedding thank you notes and no, I did not call around to moving places today to research prices.  So….when the voices in my head that sound suspiciously like JG’s got a little louder, I put down my kindle and scrambled into the kitchen to redeem myself for my sins of having a fucking easy and awesome day.  Voila!  Granola bars.


Totally unrelated but I love the edges of brownies and JG once made me brownies that were ALL edge!!!!!  Unbelievably awesome.  (Yes, I know she just cut out the center, but still) only one of the many, many reasons why I love this woman.