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I was working for a big time law firm in Miami when JG found out she would be moving to MN for a year for work and we spent a lot of time discussing whether I would go with her.  Whether it made sense from a career, money or love perspective, especially in light of that fact that it was only for one year.  We had many a late night discussion over wine, our conversations bordering on the philosophical – was I happy in my job and my career, was it important for me to ultimately make partner in my firm, would I feel like I had given up too much for her…  Questions designed to head off resentment before it can start.

Something you should know – I hate the practice of law.  I have never liked it. I am young and energetic and have a really great work ethic and if I’m honest with myself, I truly don’t believe that my future successes will come while working as an attorney.  (And I blame Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech for inspiring the shit out of me and making me want to snatch the diploma off my office wall and run far, far away from law).

So this should be an easy decision right, a no-brainer.  I should just go to MN and “do something else” for a year.  But it wasn’t that simple.  Walking away from anything is tough and requires really thinking through the different scenarios and outcomes so there are minimal “oh shit(s)!”.

So we talked our way up and down every aspect of the move for months and would-I or wouldn’t-I (sometimes with the handy use of visual aids to chart the pros and cons).  And when my feelings finally stopped oscillating and I felt ready to make the decision … I was let go from my big time law job.  So much for the months of angsty-feelings.

So now I am able to spend the next few weeks getting ready for our move (and thank f-ing god that I have the time to plan this move and make it happen because how two working professionals could plan and execute a transverse latitude move while working 80+ hour weeks is beyond me).  We go in July.  And, I dare say, I’ll be ready.