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When my wife found out she would be moving to Minnesota and asked me to go with her, I made a few preliminary demands.  In no particular order:

– A nice jacket.  Or any jacket. The extent of my winter apparel is an old University of Florida hoodie that works great when you go to the movies in South Florida.  Apparently, it gets freaking cold in MN, as everyone likes to remind me.  Constantly.

– A Halloween pumpkin.  Picked from a real pumpkin patch.  And I want to carve the shit out of the pumpkin.  And cook the seeds.

– A gym.  Even if I’m not going to be seeing my body under the 56 layers of clothing I will be forced to wear for most of the year, I don’t want to shudder every time I see myself naked.

– A good bakery.  A girl needs fuel for the gym.